Zac Bartelt

I am a husband and father first. My wife is an amazing woman with whom I have the responsibility and honor of raising 4 children.  Raising my kids has been the greatest challenge, privilege, and defining role of my life. 

Art has been a necessary outlet for me to express emotions ranging from joy, apathy, betrayal, hurt, and despair. I have wrestled with depression and anxiety for much of my life and much of my emotional health experiences come out through my work. 

I follow Jesus and closeness with him is paramount to me. The Bible is a major source of inspiration and often flows into what I create. We are spiritual beings created for worship. Art is one way I worship God.

I’ve pursued many careers and had many titles: soldier, counselor, teacher, pastor, musician, model, mason, sales manager, etc. I believe all experience is valuable and shapes us for the future. I’ve made mistakes and learned from them. I’ve succeeded and overcome. This is life and this is art. I tell my kids God doesn’t waste anything and you can always fix and evolve art. 

Banksy and Jean Michel Basquiat are two of my main influences. Street art doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s pure and free. Banksy said upon being so dismayed with the modern art community that, “Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little.” I try to therefore say something with each piece. Every piece has a detailed and thought through purpose. I want to always tell a story through art. Good art is not always the most technical, but it does make you think. That’s the art I enjoy to experience and that’s what I want to produce.