Tracy Walters-Harms

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Tracy Walters- Harms

She was born in Frankfurt Germany. Lives and Studied Art, Interior Design & Business in the PNW. When asked what subject matter She prefers, Tracy says ,“I need very little to inspire me. I often carry my sketchbook with me wherever I go. I’ll draw people in cafes, airports andrestaurants. I’ll draw old cars in parking lots or while I sit in a traffic jam. I’ll draw buildings, houses, or garbage cans—anything in front of me.”

She has spent several years developing her techniques. Practicing and perfecting skills for textile silk -screening to scrimshaw, and jewelry. Jumping from watercolors to acrylic and back again.

Through  years of doing art of many aspects, I found I  succeeded not because of many  long hours, but because I was curious. I explore things I was passionate about, took a risk and was willing to fail, and allowed things to unfold in a natural manner.

I understand my will, and essentially, I will always succeed when I’m having the most fun.

As a small business entrepreneur the marketing playing field for so many has changed with Social media. We have all discovered therelatively  cost free way to advertise our skill. However, I believe the moment you feel like you should be doing something because you fear missing out (not because you want to do it), that fear is an indicator that you probably don’t need to do that thing. Focus on doing what comes naturally to you. With so many social platforms, you can’t be everywhere. Plus Automated communication (Social Media) also doesn’t help your authenticity.

With my background in Sales & Marketing I have always focused on building a relationship. I’m interested in making connections with my art. Truth be told, we are all searching for a connection. As crazy as it sounds, what sets us apart is also what can unite us.

A key component of any  successful path is listening to your own heart, soul, and passions. I’ve always been an artistic person and find to be most at peace when I am at work creating. I can lose myself completely in my artwork bringing emotion, passion and love to each piece. I hope that my love for the process of creating anything from start to finish can be felt and seen by all of those who lay eyes upon it.

This creative path for me is my avenue of self-affirmation and expression that makes life better as an artist but also even better as a person.

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