Tammy Arca


12004 58TH AVE SW

Lakewood WA 98499

C: (253) 569-4171

E: tammyarca@tammyarcafineart.com

Web: https://tammyarcafineart.com


Artist Statement

There is a power and satisfying feeling of creating images that evoke emotions or reactions and I strive to produce works that evoke curiosity, empathy and bring out the commonality of everyday life. 

My experimentation over the years has ranged from photo-realism to painterly, but the old masters of oil speak loudly to me and are where I feel most at home artistically. I look for candid moments of life, especially quirky moments of childhood. If I successfully capture and convey hidden beauty that is often overlooked as mundane, or an unconventional point-of-view, that feeling of ‘power of creation’ with intent brings satisfaction and renewed awareness of my abilities as an artist. I am always learning and striving toward a higher level and a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

Artist Bio

A native to the Pacific Northwest, Tammy feels most at home among the mountains and tall trees of the Cascade Range in Washington state. Although the works of Van Gogh at the age of six were her first real exposure to art and sparked the creative fires, she first picked up brushes and began her journey as an artist in the 5th grade, where she produced watercolor sketches that were displayed within the school district with other young talent, often winning awards. During her early teens, she studied under a private art tutor who introduced her to oil painting, now her medium of choice. Van Gogh sparked the fires and Monet, Maxfield Parrish and Norman Rockwell opened the world of light and shadow; color and composition to capture life in its basic elements. 

She lived in Arkansas during her late teens into young adulthood where she earned an Associate in Technical Arts degree in Graphic Arts from University of Arkansas extension program. After working several years producing copy ready commercial and private logos and line art, she decided to start her own business as a freelance graphic artist in order to devote more time to her first love – fine arts. 

A strong believer in continuing her art education, Tammy invests in workshops and classroom instruction. Her most recent workshops were under the instruction of professional artists Melissa Weinman. She also dedicates many studio hours practicing skills and evolving her style. She is a member of the Peninsula Art League and an associate member of Oil Painters of America. 

Her works can be found in private homes and businesses, from Arkansas to the Pacific Northwest. She has produced many commissioned paintings and several interior murals. Tammy currently works full-time in her private studio located in Lakewood, Washington. Her hobbies include gardening, the outdoors hiking and camping and spending time her grandchildren, where she often finds her greatest inspiration.