Steven Grice

Simultaneously searching for a taste of innocence and an epiphany of existence, my work meanders between the sweet and the grotesque. Something seems out of balance in the world, as if the very fabric of the mundane and comfortable lives we’ve constructed will quake and break apart around our heels. Many of my characters seem lost or clueless to their circumstances. Many of us know this feeling at one time or another. My art hints at the freakish things at the fringes of our world, the outcasts that repel us at first sight, but turn out to be our guides, our mentors, the champions of our hearts and the challengers of our belief systems that no longer serve our paths or to challenge whether there even is a path. It’s a Bruegelish allegory.

I also have a history of working in internet/educational animation and video game art. I was born and raised in the LA area and moved to the Northwest over twenty years ago. My work also draws heavily from music, and things approaching pop culture.