Roberto Sanchez

RobertSanchezBeing an artist of many disciplines, I’ve have built a well-rounded style in illustration and design. A digital artist as well as traditional media practitioner. My art has been influenced by many things. I cannot really call myself a traditional artist or a digital artist, I embrace all mediums.

With a background in gaming and the entertainment industry most of my professional career. I have seen many changes in the world of art. My love for the arts continues to be influenced and I hope to contribute to that impact for those who see my art as well as being and influence on other artist as my style continues to evolve.

A Visual Artist from Tacoma, WA and a native of the Pacific Northwest. Born to a family of migrant workers and raised in the Latino and American Indian culture. I come from a rich culture and hope that my art reflects my experience.

Joining the 253 Collective has been a great move in personal growth because now I have surrounded myself with like-minded individuals who have great talent and skills that will help influence my artistic journey.