Featured Artist – Chelsea Brown

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We are pleased to feature new artist, Chelsea Brown, during this month’s Tacoma Art Walk.  Join us Thursday, April 20th 5-8pm to see this exciting collection of drawing and collage!

A sample of Brown’s work…

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“Posture” Stripped down of all excess and resting on another language, posture expresses vulnerability.

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“Alice in Wonderland”  Peering into the unknown, Alice feels like she is falling down the rabbit hole, but she is in control this time.


“Are You Cussing with Me?”  The fox holds an unknown power in its gaze, taunting and intriguing the viewer.


Wild Love Art Show

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This month’s featured artist is Barbara Serry!  She’ll be showing her fourth solo exhibition opening on the night of Tacoma Art Walk  on March 16th.  “Wild Love” is a showing of her most recent work made during the first few months of being a new mom. The paintings exude images of nature and the female form. The event is free and refreshments will be served. Family and friends are welcome!


Check out a preview of Barbara’s work online at http://www.barbaraserry.com or Instagram @barbaraserry.  **All available work will be showing until April 17th.**

Featured Artist: Benjamin Davis – Jan 19th

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Join us for this month’s Art Walk at the 253 gallery featuring Benjamin Davis!

His current show, “Icons and Idiots,” touches upon the American Icon and its psychological effects.  Each piece is set on repurposed canvas.


Benjamin is a new member of the 253 Collective who specializes in oil, cartooning, chalk art, and cut paper.  Check out his full bio here – Benjamin Davis.

We hope to see you Thursday evening for the opening of this fabulous show where you can view or purchase artwork and meet the artist.

253 Collective Gallery, 1902 Jefferson Ave – Thursday, January 19th from 5pm-8pm

Shop Local Art for the Holidays!

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The 253 Collective is partnering with Duchess of Downtown for the 2016 Tacoma Art Bus Holiday Shopping Tour!  The Art Bus takes off from Downtown Tacoma on December’s Third Thursday Art Walk and tours several local shops.  Tickets are $20 and include the tour, gift bag, and pizza at Cafe Vincero. Enjoy a festive bus ride to our gallery to meet our artists and purchase holiday gifts – original paintings, prints, cards, photography, and handmade jewelry.  We’ll see you soon!

Featured Artist: Barbara Serry – May 19, 2016

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Barbara Serry

Barbara is an artist whose work strives to reflect emotion through color and texture. She began painting at a young age and embraced abstract techniques as a way to turn internal experiences into visual art.

Her first show in June 2015, Meet Me in Tulum, was inspired by a yoga retreat in Mexico and is about reconnecting with self and embracing the wonder of everyday life.  For more on this show and to view recent paintings, visit http://www.barbaraserry.com.

Barbara will be showing a mix of old and new work as the featured artist in May 2016.

She lives with her husband, Phil, and dog, Ringo, in Tacoma, WA.



Featured Artist-Photographer: Christian Merrill

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Christian’s Bio

“I was born and raised in St. Joseph, Michigan, but it wasn’t until I moved to Arizona in 2012 where I met my friend and mentor, Eric Newnam, that I began to get into photography. At the time, Eric was shooting large format film photography which captivated me by how dedicated the photographer had to be with his scene. I quickly gained an interest in photography and asked Eric to teach me the fundamentals of photography. I played around with a cheap digital camera for quite a while in the deserts of Arizona before relocating to Washington state in the later months of 2012. Once I moved to Washington I found myself surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States and decided to purchase a nicer camera to attempt to capture it. Over time, I found myself migrating to Seattle and joined the Seattle Film Photographers where I learned about film photography and quickly came to fall in love with both film photography and the art of street photography. In July of 2015, I submitted some of my film work the to 253 Collective in Tacoma, WA and was accepted as a new member.

I come from a Chemistry background and see most of my work as an observation and documentation of my surroundings. As a scientist, I try to observe the universe in which I am in, document it, and analyze it. My desire to observe, document, and analyze draws me into street photography as it allows me to capture very human moments that only existed in that singular moment. For me, street photography allows me to share very intimate human moments with my audience while also telling a story.”

Christian Merrill’s photos will be on displayed starting on Jan. 21, 2016 in the lobby of 253C.  Artist reception will be that evening from 6pm – 8pm.


New Member-A. Kay Lindsay

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253C is happy to introduce our latest member to the Gallery, A. Kay Lindsay.  Here is a little bio on herself and her art.

“Unable to take any art classes during my school years, as a child I received most of my artistic inspiration,and instruction, from a book on the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. The way his sketches seemed to miraculously how from rough lines to sublime forms entranced me. I suppose that’s why I like to leave a little something of the unfinished in my work. The contrast with the finished rendering enhances the piece for me, besides seeing a little of how the piece was perhaps constructed. In 2012 I was finally able to receive some professional instruction from a local artist. She truly gave me the skills and technique to accomplish the work I wanted to do. Growing up I was obsessed with old Hollywood, classic cinema and the stars that made the silver screen sparkle. I think that must be why I prefer to work almost exclusively in black and white. Mundane subjects suddenly become mysterious and mythical.”  A. Kay Lindsay