Risk – Featuring the Art of Stephanie Carston

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August 19 – October 17, 2021

Feature Artist: Jennifer Moore

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Opening Reception Thursday, June 17th from 5pm – 8pm

Gallery open Saturday’s from 11am – 4pm and by appointment

Celebrating the art of Zac Bartelt

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Opening Reception Thursday, February 18 from 5pm – 8pm

Gallery open Saturday’s from 11am – 4pm and by appointment

Tacoma Light Trail

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253 Collective Art Gallery is proud to participate in the brand new Tacoma Light Trail. https://www.tacomalighttrail.org/


Photo by Carla Gramlich

This window display is a near room size diorama of mixed media nestled in the south window of 253 Collective Gallery. ‘Home’ is a colorful scene of northwest Washington including forests, suburbs, cityscape and Puget sound, all with majestic Rainier in the background. This is a collaborative piece with most members contributing art creations that were assembled into one display. Our goal is to include timer driven variable lighting and an atistst created soundscape.

Lead Artists: Roberto Sanchez, Laurie Kallsen George

Contributing artists: Jennifer Moore, Sukaina Hussein, Zac Bartelt.

253 Collective Art Gallery’s Second $50 and Below Show

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Buy something special from a local artist for someone you love!

Open Saturday’s from 11am – 4pm and by appointment.

Dia de Los Muertos

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Saturday Oct. 31st Noon – 3:00 pm and Sunday Nov. 1st Noon – 3:00 pm

at the 253 Collective Art Gallery

Sukaina Hussein

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Now through October 11, 2020

Sukaina has added 23 paintings for her first show at the 253 Collective Art Gallery.


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Covid 19 has been like a strange scene out of the Twilight Zone which is never ending. It was during the three-month lockdown that the Introspection series was given birth to. These pieces are expressed using Mixed Media: fabric, paper mache, and acrylic paint. The other pieces, created almost 10 years ago, added to the Introspection series are oil paint or fabric letters on canvas or paper, mounted on wood panels, and framed with fabric. The fact is Black Lives Matter and in the spirit of Ubuntu all our lives our intertwined in a beautiful kaleidoscope of humanity. Let us take care of ourselves from this overflow extend that love and care to others around us. No Labels…. Umoja!!!

Art Flow,

Sabreehna S. Essien (Aka LaQuita S. Thurman)