Linda Harrison

Linda Harrison has lived in the Tacoma area most of her life, seeing it as the preferred central location to city, suburban, mountain, island and wildlife.  She uses candid photographs of people in mundane situations and creates narratives that transform banal moments into memorable ones.  Primarily a mixed media artist, her artwork developed as a natural by-product of adapting to the human condition.    “Any moment can hold meaning,” she says, “and assigning those meanings are the only control any of us have in life.”  As a fan of the irreverent and paradoxical, she describes her artwork as realism in the sense that “they mimic our existence as a series of non sequiturs.  Some may be mocking and derisive, but I’d like to think that they’re kind of curious, that they reveal beauty in our invisible bits that we try so hard to hide.”

Her work has been chosen for a Pierce County public art project to prevent graffiti in neighborhoods, and she has traveled through different states, placing pieces of her art in select places as a backwards souvenir.  “My favorite was a strip club in Atlanta.  I left it in the women’s bathroom but a drunk girl tried to fight me so it wound up in the toilet.  But that’s not terribly different from a place in San Diego… my friend showed me his favorite bakery and we placed a piece of art outside the door. We went in for some sweets and came out to see my picture had new friends.  A half-eaten apple and a crushed juice box.  I wish I took a picture.”

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