Jonathon Gorman


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Jonathon Gorman-Bellevue Washington 1970


As a native to the Pacific Northwest my sense of self and sense of place are intrinsically entwined with its beautiful landscapes, ever-changing seasons and diverse culture. It is my deeply rooted emotions and thoughts related to my sense of self and sense of place that I chose to examine and communicate through my art.


I attempt to approach each of my works intuitively and instinctually rather than being guided by technicality. In a semi-vain attempt to disengage my analytical processes and engage my creative mind, I endeavor to allow my self and my works to evolve unhindered by my own critical preconceptions and predeterminations.


I believe that the main driving force behind my work is the innate desire to make a connection with my audience, to share of myself what I am at a loss to communicate in words, relating formal or subjective relationships with in each piece through the ambiguous nature of abstraction.



Associates of Arts-with a focus on Studio Arts and Art History. Tacoma Community College.

Bachelor Of Fine Arts degree, Painting and Drawing. School of Art +Art History. University of Washington, Seattle.


Group Shows;

Rebecca V. Gallery. Tacoma Washington 2009

The Gallery@ T.C.C. Tacoma Washington 2009

Madera Gallery-F is For? Tacoma Washington 2009

Jacob Lawrence Gallery. Seattle Washington 2011

Sandpoint Gallery Seattle, Washington 2012



Student talent showcased in TCC’s newest exhibit : Published on May 28, 2009

By Dawn Quinn

Painter Jonathon Gorman chose to depict a scene that should resonate with many Tacomans. A student of Marit Berg’s Advanced Painting class, Gorman’s “Café” reveals a strong artist with immense talent and ability. The canvas highlights Pacific Avenue downtown, across the street from the Washington State History Museum and near University of Washington-Tacoma, and zones in on the corner where the Grassi’s Café and Florist shop stands. The painting depicts the building and architecture of the area supremely well, and the trees, shrubs, street, signs, paint schemes, light rail, and general feeling of this downtown area are all captured accurately in the piece. The scene also portrays great depth, and feels encapsulated. Gorman’s skill is evident in every facet of the work, but especially in his subtle yet powerful color choices.

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