John Howland


John Howland

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John Howland, a lifelong serious photographer always looking for the picture potential of my surroundings. I enjoy using technology and a broad array of techniques to bring out all the possibilities of the images I capture.

Artistic inspiration came from watching my Mother paint landscapes and portraits and I reveled in compliments from family, friends, and teachers on my early artwork. Eventually, I chose photography over other art forms and now, with all the techniques available in computer software I enjoy the potential of both worlds.

My portfolio includes pictures of most anything you might encounter in life. I look for spontaneous pictures of people, glorious scenery and everyday objects rendered in bold or soft colors, subtle monochromes and crisp black and white. I particularly enjoy using computer software to add various levels of painterly effects to produce work that looks like watercolors, detailed paintings and the occasional abstract.

Most of my career involved selling systems and services to solve business problems. I often used my artistic and photography skills to produce brochures and other sales tools.

My work has been done in the Pacific Northwest and on vacation across North America and Europe. Current additions to my portfolio are from the Tacoma and Seattle areas and include sea, city and landscapes and many images of ships and boats.

In addition to producing art from my own photographs, I take commissions to produce art quality pictures from client’s photographs.