Janyl Stewart-Tremblay


Janyl Stewart-Tremblay

Art of the Art Studio



I was born in Tacoma and have lived here for many years. I have spent an equal amount of time living in Arizona, and a few years living in some amazingly beautiful areas such as Lake Tahoe and Laguna Beach. I had taken photography in high school and how could you not become interested in photographing such beautiful and diverse landscapes?

I received a degree in Graphic Design from Rio Salado College in Tempe, Arizona, and have worked in corporate advertising layout and event materials for several years. When I was able to leave the corporate world behind, I began to take workshops and branch my art skills out into more adventuresome areas. I enjoy working in many medias; pastels, oils, photography, acrylics, acrylic pours, and mesh sculpture. I am always trying something new!