Jana Hildreth

I am a 28 year old acrylic figurative painter from Seattle. I began drawing as young child, with dreams of becoming a talented artist. And I haven’t stopped drawing since. In 2019 I began teaching myself acrylic painting, using the principles my mother taught me growing up, with watercolors. She is an talented and inspirational published illustrator, and my mentor. My work is in realism portraits and mainly focuses on the human condition. For me art is an escape to my serenity, a refuge from the world, and mental illness. I often paint memorials of people that have lost their lives to their mental health struggles. I am a survivor, and my art is a raw reflection of my own conflict as well as the tumultuous path to recovery. I use my pain as fuel for my passion of painting, pouring my soul onto every canvas. I aim to inspire others with similar stories. As well as challenging the viewers perception and prompting them to seek a new perspective through art.