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“Spring” a 253 Collective Group Show

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Opening Reception: Third Thursday, May 16th!Revised Spring Show Poster PROOF

“Feeling Clayful” Show Featuring Artist Saya Collins

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A new exhibit running from March 21 through May 12

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Tacoma Sunrise exhibit at The 253 Collective Gallery

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UPDATE: Exhibit is extended through March 17, 2019

Artist Photographer: John Howland

This exhibit is about sunrises. It contains sixteen photographs of Tacoma sunrises showing the precise moments that made them interesting to my eye. Some are spectacular, some mysterious and some quite subtle, but hopefully they all inspire the same sense of peace, enjoyment and even excitement I felt as they revealed themselves to me.

Most of the photos were printed on aluminum sheets.  One was digitally rendered as a watercolor in the “Painterly” style and printed on fine art, watercolor paper and another was digitally rendered as a detailed oil painting in the style of the “Hudson River School”. Another is a collage showing three photographs of the “Green Flash” that occurs when weather conditions are just right, as the sun breaks the horizon. The last picture in the collage is a mashup of the series that creates a new mountain range and an “Eye of the Green Flash”.

There will be a reception on February 21, 2019 in conjunction with the Third Thursday Art Walk. Please visit us for this event to meet some of our artists and enjoy our featured exhibit as well as another 100+ works by other artists in our collective.

Third Thursday Tacoma Art Walk Reception December 20, 2018 from 5 – 8pm

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Home for the Holidays

“Home for the Holidays” reflects a sense of the Pacific Northwest through our artists’ personal interpretations of awe inspiring views, holiday cheer, whimsical themes and anything in-between. The show will be available to view through January 12, 2019.

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“An Abstract Coupling” Featuring the work of artists Jonathon Gorman and Diana Carey

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UPDATE: “An Abstract Coupling” has been extended to view through December 15th!

The 253 Collective Art Gallery is proud to present this unique fine art show opening on Sunday, October 14th from 11am-5pm  through November 10th.

There will be an Artist Reception during the Third Thursday Art Walk on October 18th from 4pm-8pm.

Here’s a little information on the featured artists…

Diana Carey developed a passion for the creation of metal forms while studying at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Each piece is unique and is discovered as she dreams it, there is no direct path from one piece to the next. Once she starts working on the piece she moves with it as it starts taking shape. She wants the metal to flow, the pieces to be light and airy, counterbalancing the rigidity of the steel she is working with. As Diana works on her sculptures she continues expanding the artistic expression of her dream visions.

The sculptures are there to be touched and appreciated. Touching the sculptures can move a person along the same wavelength as the piece and the artist who created it.


Jonathon Gorman recieved his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting And Drawing from The University of Washington, School of Art. His recent work examines the connection between our “sense of self” and our “sense of place”. Gorman constructs complexities in texture, form and color that convey emotional tensions transfixed in space and time.


Featured Artist: Jennifer Moore

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Jennifer Moore will be our featured artist through Saturday, October 13th with her new show titled “Two”.

“Shadow is a colour as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones.” Paul Cezanne

While contemplating the concepts behind my art, I noticed the emerging theme of “Two”. It is a theme which has appeared in many forms. It’s in the comparisons between old and new, raw and refined, natural and man-made. It’s found in the contrasts between dark and light, coarse and smooth, perception and reality. “Two” is in the balance created from the duality of pressure and ease, adding and subtracting… control and abandon.

Meet Jen Moore in person Saturday, October 6th from 12-5pm or Saturday, October 13th from 2-5pm.


Feature Artist-Holli Fadem

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Starting April 19, the gallery will be featuring the art of  Hollie Fadem.

Statement from the artist on her show:

“A chaotic melding of colors gives my mind peace. Painting is an outlet, art is my release. As I’m creating, darkness starts fading. My emotions become bold and my mood stabilized. I hold that awareness very close to my heart.
The inspiration for my artwork comes from emotions, experiences, and my surroundings. My family has always supported my interest in expressing myself through art, in whatever form. I have also been influenced by urban street art and the statement it projects.
I love combining different mediums, such as, acrylics with melted crayons and adding small detail with sharpies. I have veered away from using traditional canvases, by upcycling old bookcases, underlayment, and scrap wood. The textures represent the layers of experiences and hardships I’ve overcome.
Art is always up for interpretation. There is no wrong or right answer when admiring a masterpiece. I would like to inspire others to create with their feelings and let go of self-doubt. I encourage anyone to come be a part of my “judgment-free zone” On April 19th. The universe and its changes motivated my recent art pieces that will be for sale. I will have an “Inspiration Station” set up with mini canvases you can paint and take home with you. I am looking forward to seeing you, till then, peace & love.”

Holli Fadem

Artist Reception on April 19 from 5pm-8pm.


Childs Play


Breaking Through


The Universe