Carla Gramlich

I was born and raised in Ohio.  My parents exposed their five children to art, history, music and the theater from a very young age. In High School, I got involved with photography and received my first 35mm camera for Christmas. I was an intern in an industrial photography/TV studio during my senior year of High School. Following graduation, I moved to Portland, Oregon and worked for a couple of years in a photo-processing lab while attending a technical school. I was hired by AT&T and has spent the last 30 years working as a Network Specialist in Seattle and Tacoma.

A few years ago, I got serious and purchased a DSLR and have been spending my free time working on my photography. I belong to several local photography groups and have had photos in the Puyallup Fair and several local art shows. I have improved my skills by taking workshops and classes in composition and photography software plus taking lots of pictures.  Recently, I was able to retire and plan on spending more time on my photography plus traveling.

I try to document everyday items in a new light.  Some of my photos are from my neighborhood (Hilltop) and others are taken while traveling.

Facebook: Photos by Carla