Anita K. Latch

Anita began learning to make jewelry when she was 16 and living in Jerome Arizona. She began with stamping copper, moving up to silver stamping and eventually started fabricating bracelets, rings and pendants with cabochons and silver. She put all her tools away after college and focused on her two children. Now that they are grown, her children both inspire her to return to artistic endeavors. Her daughter, Ariel is a tattooist in Olympia and her son Samuel does welding and forging.
Four years ago she was inspired to take up silversmithing again. After purchasing smithing tools she determined that in the treasure trove of rocks and minerals which is Quartszite Arizona would learn to make her own cabochons rather than buy the work of others. This was a liberating experience and promises to lead her into further adventures of intarsia and carving.

Just four months before Covid locked us all down Anita took her first beading class. After learning for three months from the very generous beading teachers at the Quartszite Roadrunners Gem and Mineral Club she returned to Tacoma and within two weeks began isolating. Beading was her only companion and during the months of 2020 she felt free to explore where the beads would take her. You can see the results of that solitary meditation in these photos and on display at the 253 Collective Art Gallery.

Now that she has established Rainshadow Designs and relocated her metal working tools to the 3rd floor above the gallery, at the Jet Cooperative, she is slowly returning to the fabrication of silver and copper jewelry. Who knows where this path will lead her?