James Allen


Born on Market Street in Tacoma 19 and 51, I began photography at 8 years old when a family friend gave me a Christmas card with $5.00 in it. I used the money to purchase a Kodak Instamatic at Payless Drugs on Broadway and began shooting family, friends and pets. My first image was my dog named John.

I began a more serious approach to photography in 19 and 89 when a business I ran came to an end and I needed a new direction to follow. I chose photography, and that year I started working with multi-panel imagery.

My photographic education consists of workshops and seminars. My work is the product of Gayle Rieber, Gabriel Landry, Lemoyne Coats, Bruce Bleckert, Brian Allen and many others.

In May of 2000 and 9 watching CityScape, I saw Tacoma photographer Chip Van Gilder shooting multi-panel images of Old City Hall 100 feet from where I lived. This inspired me to follow his Digital path.

My current work is focused on the “Headshot”. The work getter for the Actor/Actress and Model.  My intention is to create the photographic opposite of the oil/watercolor painters “Photo-realism”. They are making a painting that looks like a photograph and I am attempting to make a photograph that looks like an oil/watercolor painting.

Blog:  anakiwenziiandhisnikon.blogspot.com/
Website:  akiwenziiphotographies.smugmug.com/

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