New Member-A. Kay Lindsay

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253C is happy to introduce our latest member to the Gallery, A. Kay Lindsay.  Here is a little bio on herself and her art.

“Unable to take any art classes during my school years, as a child I received most of my artistic inspiration,and instruction, from a book on the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. The way his sketches seemed to miraculously how from rough lines to sublime forms entranced me. I suppose that’s why I like to leave a little something of the unfinished in my work. The contrast with the finished rendering enhances the piece for me, besides seeing a little of how the piece was perhaps constructed. In 2012 I was finally able to receive some professional instruction from a local artist. She truly gave me the skills and technique to accomplish the work I wanted to do. Growing up I was obsessed with old Hollywood, classic cinema and the stars that made the silver screen sparkle. I think that must be why I prefer to work almost exclusively in black and white. Mundane subjects suddenly become mysterious and mythical.”  A. Kay Lindsay



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