253 Collective is proud to introduce Battailledeyhwh.

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Battailledeyhwh originally was born Wemi Atinsola is a naturally endowed “primitive art” focused artist who hails from the ancient powerful SONGAI empire; of the west African jurisdiction of Yoruba land in the area around the Niger River where his Father, the supreme king YHVH reigns .This rare royal prodigy is fascinated with medicinal art that heals; hence, the pursuit of artistic merchant-hood. With a primitive encapsulating scope that stretches from ancient to ethnic to contemporary art, BT YHWH whose name came as an endowment from sacred dreamscapes fuses adaptable conventional art with a process known as digi- embellishment to produce peculiar art in transcendence. BT YHWH utilizes sustainable media, pastels oil acrylic and other innovative media to convey artistic messages. Three eagles in their own rights inspire BT YHWH; Ann Vallotton and renowned Ben Enwonwu and his greatest companion, H.G. LaCouette

Battailledeyhwh also runs a self titled artistic social capitalist organization that prides itself in locally and internationally promoting common good ventures such as Eco friendly commodities, waste prevention business initiatives and export promotion in the areas of SUSTAINABLE ART, FASHION AND FOOD PRODUCTION. As a Merchant of Medicinal Art that heals, products consists of sustainably enhanced UPCYCLED garments, clothing apparels such as “decogellipage” footgear and art derived from sustainable media along side affordable /high end street fashion vintage clothing For classy people of moderate means.


One thought on “253 Collective is proud to introduce Battailledeyhwh.

    Shannon D said:
    July 26, 2022 at 12:04 pm

    Great poost thanks

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