Katie LeFevre-Marler, 253 Collective New Member

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Katie is a Pacific Northwest local, raised in Redmond and always near some woods or other wilderness which she was constantly exploring. Inspired by the thrills of climbing trees and wading streams she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology –which turned into Marine Biology– at the Brigham Young University in Hawaii, and at the same time received a minor in art. She loves the ocean and loves the woods and would love someday to combine her love of the natural world with her passion for art–perhaps back in beautiful Hawaii or as a nature illustrator. In the meantime, however, there are too many exciting things and also inspiring ‘human’ moments to capture on canvas. In her art, a vast supply of “too many photos” (quoting her husband) guides her paintings, but she is often found making more of a collage with many photos as references –to capture that moment as it should be, and hopefully tell a bit of a story along with making a piece of art.

She currently lives in their “new” old craftsman home in Tacoma and gets to spend most of her time singing to and chasing around their little baby girl. In her spare time from mommy-duty she plays with clay (throwing or sculpting), music, writing, beads, or sewing during the winter and on sunny days you will find her outside hiking, gardening, foraging or some combination of those three. Oh yeah, and painting. J???????????????????????????????

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