Dennis Golden, 253 Collective new member

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“From deserts to oceans to mountains and everywhere in between, I have been inspired in wild places since childhood. Go to far away places, climb mountains and other hard to get to places to get that perfect shot and put it eather on canvas or develop it into a masterpiece photo. Born in Whittier, CA and moving around as a child to the Bay Area, Reno and growing up in the Rockies west of Denver in Colorado. I have been to many wild places with my parents and was inspired just by visiting those wild places that made me the person I am today.”


Dennis Golden is a landscape artist. He drives truck for a living and does nature photography and painting on the side. He uses Aqurlic as a medium and has used it since high school in 1997. Dennis is currently working on several websites to post his work and is also currently working on a book called “The Eastern Cascades” that should be published in the near future. It is a photo book that shows and talks about the eastern side of the Cascade Range of Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Northern California. Dennis currently lives in Tacoma with his fiancé Beth and has 2 kids.

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