Kerry duVent-October Featured Artist

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Voices of the Wind
Kerry duVent
Featured Artist and Photographer

The wind has many ways of expressing itself. It can be soft, angry, sultry and playful. It can stumble, be filled with grief, howl, chill the bones, and exude mystery. And yet it is still wind – a unified voice expressing itself in variety. Kerry’s last name, when translated from French into English means ‘of the wind’ and this showing of her work mirrors the many expressions within one voice. She is an author, musician, photographer and self-taught artist. Here, the voices of art and photography come forward in the forms of abstract and surreal oils and acrylics as well as nature and urban photography. She strives for the expression of emotion and thought rather than structured form, leaving others to place their own stories upon each piece. She took up her camera and also began painting as a way to re-awaken her voice and expression after surviving domestic violence and experiencing homelessness; as a way to see, experience and be a part of expressing what is good and beautiful in the world.

Kerry duVent’s work is on display and for sale at the 253 Collective Gallery every day and, for the month of October, it is her work we are featuring as an exhibit in the main lobby. She will be present to discuss her work during the Tacoma Art Mingle on October 16 from 5pm until 8pm.

River's Mouth

Surrender, No Surrender

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