Live Music at 253C!

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August 21 starting at 7pm.

We are happy to present Stacey Eliason on the French Horn during Art Mingle. Zack Zydek on string bass will join Mrs. Eliason this month for some jazz and latin duets.

Stacey Eliason’s website

Zack Zydek’s bio:
Richard Zachary Zydek (Zack) recently obtained his Master degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music, studying under the Principal Bassist of the Cleveland Symphony, Maximilliam Dimoff. A native of Sumner, Washington, Zack obtained his Bachelor of Music from Western Washington University, graduating with honors. While earning his Bachelor degree, he auditioned into the bass section of the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra in 2009 and became Principal Bassist in 2010. Throughout the years, Zack has participated in many master classes — intensive seminars in music performance and technique — with music pedagogues such as Paul Ellison (Rice University), Dianna Gannett (University of Michigan) and Jeff Bradetich (University of North Texas).
Zack’s goal for all of his students is to increase their confidence and knowledge of bass technique. His musical training and teaching experience allow him to approach the most inexperienced of musicians with the same competence and clarity as those students with more advanced musical backgrounds. His strives to create a comfortable learning environment where students are free to ask questions and make “mistakes” (all part of the learning process!). He is ready to
help each individual student understand more about their musical interests and explore the diverse world of music through their instrument. There are a lot of musical instruments out there, but the double bass is where it’s at!
When not playing the double bass, Zack can be found outdoors with friends, playing the piano, or transcribing video game music. His favorite soundtracks come from the Sega and Nintendo game consoles.

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