Kerry duVent-new member at 253 Collective.

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Kerry duVent is a self-taught international photographer and artist. She is also an international musician and an author. She lives in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States and draws breath and inspiration from the water, the trees and the mountains around her, finding opportunities, always, to return to nature, listen and respond to her.

In any form of art the experiences and philosophies of the artist shape their work. Kerry’s experiences have been fairly difficult ones, having survived domestic violence and homelessness. She got through it by disciplining herself to always look for what is beautiful in the world and in people; to listen for where laughter and love abounds; to turn what was often brutal into what is lovely. It is this philosophy of seeking and believing in beauty and goodness that has kept her believing in herself and in life. It has led her to expressing the soul of things rather than the form of things in acrylic, oil and gouache as well as through the lens of her camera, through music and through writing. It is the expression of what is within, the emotion of the moment, the playfulness, the joy and the unexpected that imbues her work.



River's Mouth Surrender, No Surrender

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