Art Mingle on August 21-featured artists is Butch and Marily Renick

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EarthSigns Art Glass Etching

Our featured artist for this month is EarthSigns Art Glass Etching. Butch and Marily Renick have been hand etching beautiful art glass pieces for some time. Almost all of the pieces that Butch and Marily hand etch are rescued from local thrift shops. They feel a great satisfaction rescuing beautiful used glassware and adding their personal touch. Marily enjoys etching more conventional art onto her glassware creations, while Butch has attempted to recreate some of the beautiful designs that are found yearly in the crop fields mainly in the United Kingdom. Yearly in the summer months there are scores of new crop formations, some as large as 900 feet in size laid out in fields of wheat, rye, canola and other types of crop. These formations are usually found in fields of young crop in the vacinity of Stonehenge and the surrounding countryside.

Art Mingle is August 21 from noon-8pm and is the day that this new show will open.

Butch and Marily would like to invite you to come in to 253 Art Collective and enjoy the fine art that is available.

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