Upcoming Exhibit: Angel’s Art with Heart

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Tacoma’s 3rd Thursday Art Mingle

July 17 | 12 to 8 p.m.

253 Collective Art Gallery, 1901 South Jefferson Avenue, Suite 100, Tacoma

Angel posing in front of her art.
Angel and her art.

Artist Angel was born in Heidelberg, Germany and raised in her hometown El Paso, Texas before she came to the Greater Northwest Seattle area in 1991. Although Angel attended the Art Institute and Community College in Texas for both Music and Art, she is a naturally gifted and self taught artist. Most of her pieces are all original abstracts including, but not limited to, oil and acrylic on canvas and print.  Angel’s avante garde approach to art has been noted as being very unique, unusual and spiritually motivated abstracts.

“I am passionate about what I do and each piece that I work on. I want to reflect that upon seers but most of all… I want my Art to inspire good and be used to do greater things.”

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