Arts CRUSH: Support Your Local Artists!!!

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253 Collective in Downtown Tacoma on the UW-Tacoma Campus

Welcome to the 253 Collective’s blog where upcoming events, activities, and happenings are posted!

Welcome to our website, 253 Collective is a retail space for local artists in the city of Tacoma. We opened in March of 2009. The Collective was founded by Tacoma visionary Linda Danforth and is currently a cooperative between local artists.

The goal of the cooperative is to provide a retail location while keeping the cost to each artist as low as possible.  Each artist pays $20 a month as a membership payment and has an assigned job (marketing, art rotation etc.).  There is no commission collected on anyone’s work so artists receive the full payment when their work is sold.  Each artist handles their own bookkeeping (there is no general cash register).

We are also looking for more local artists to join the 253 Collective! If you have any inquiries please e-mail

Here’s the hours and location:

Normal Business Hours are:

– Friday & Saturday: Noon – 5

– Third Thursdays: 3 – 8 p.m. (during
Art Walk nights)

– Sunday after Art Walk night: 12 – 5 p.m.

Our Gallery/Showroom is located at the top of the stairs,
next to the UW Tacoma Campus

Address: 1901 S. Jefferson St., Suite 100, Tacoma WA 98402

Contact us at:

Also, Arts Crush is taking over October and we are participating! Click on the banner below for the webpage.

The Art Quilt is happening at the 253 Collective for Arts Crush!

The 253 Collective is creating an art quilt, and is gathering images that represent our area. What does Tacoma — or your piece of Pierce County — mean to you? Come add your individual flare to this community project. Bring your own 4” x 4” painting, drawing, photograph, etc (paper or fabric please). Or you can create your square on site using provided materials. The finished 253 Art Quilt will be on display through the end of the year.

This Event is Pay-What-You-Can.

Come join us!!!

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    Jasmina said:
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    This is a great piece of writing! I am hlighy impressed with your research and writing skills. You have hit the nail right on the head with this information in my opinion. You are wonderful.

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