Summer Hours

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253 Collective will be open every Thursday from 5pm – 8Pm (3rd Thursday 4pm – 8pm) during the summer months. Also, we will be open from 2pm until 7pm, every Saturday. Hope you can stop by by to visit.

Art Mingle – Every Third Thursday-June 18

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Stop in! We will be open 4-8pm.
This months featured artist is Susan Blais. The main gallery and hallway will showcase a lot of nature and scenic and outdoor art.
The waiting room lobby will be “faces,” a portrait gallery.
You can meet Suzan, our new jewelry artist, and watch her while she creates another exquisite piece.
While you are at the building, you may catch a Jet artist or two at work in the third floor studio spaces.

1901 S. Jefferson. Right there on the corner. Across from The Swiss.

New Summer Hours:
Saturdays 2-7pm
Thursdays 5-8

253 Collective is proud to introduce Battailledeyhwh.

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Battailledeyhwh originally was born Wemi Atinsola is a naturally endowed “primitive art” focused artist who hails from the ancient powerful SONGAI empire; of the west African jurisdiction of Yoruba land in the area around the Niger River where his Father, the supreme king YHVH reigns .This rare royal prodigy is fascinated with medicinal art that heals; hence, the pursuit of artistic merchant-hood. With a primitive encapsulating scope that stretches from ancient to ethnic to contemporary art, BT YHWH whose name came as an endowment from sacred dreamscapes fuses adaptable conventional art with a process known as digi- embellishment to produce peculiar art in transcendence. BT YHWH utilizes sustainable media, pastels oil acrylic and other innovative media to convey artistic messages. Three eagles in their own rights inspire BT YHWH; Ann Vallotton and renowned Ben Enwonwu and his greatest companion, H.G. LaCouette

Battailledeyhwh also runs a self titled artistic social capitalist organization that prides itself in locally and internationally promoting common good ventures such as Eco friendly commodities, waste prevention business initiatives and export promotion in the areas of SUSTAINABLE ART, FASHION AND FOOD PRODUCTION. As a Merchant of Medicinal Art that heals, products consists of sustainably enhanced UPCYCLED garments, clothing apparels such as “decogellipage” footgear and art derived from sustainable media along side affordable /high end street fashion vintage clothing For classy people of moderate means.


Featured Artist-Katie LeFevre Marler

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We had a little technical difficulties with our website this week.

Sorry about that, everything seems to up and working now.

Stop by and check out the art of Katie LeFevre Marler.

 She has a wonderful display in the lobby that is open Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm.

 An artist is on duty every Saturday from noon – 5pm.


Katie LeFevre-Marler, 253 Collective New Member

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Katie is a Pacific Northwest local, raised in Redmond and always near some woods or other wilderness which she was constantly exploring. Inspired by the thrills of climbing trees and wading streams she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology –which turned into Marine Biology– at the Brigham Young University in Hawaii, and at the same time received a minor in art. She loves the ocean and loves the woods and would love someday to combine her love of the natural world with her passion for art–perhaps back in beautiful Hawaii or as a nature illustrator. In the meantime, however, there are too many exciting things and also inspiring ‘human’ moments to capture on canvas. In her art, a vast supply of “too many photos” (quoting her husband) guides her paintings, but she is often found making more of a collage with many photos as references –to capture that moment as it should be, and hopefully tell a bit of a story along with making a piece of art.

She currently lives in their “new” old craftsman home in Tacoma and gets to spend most of her time singing to and chasing around their little baby girl. In her spare time from mommy-duty she plays with clay (throwing or sculpting), music, writing, beads, or sewing during the winter and on sunny days you will find her outside hiking, gardening, foraging or some combination of those three. Oh yeah, and painting. J???????????????????????????????

Lauren Redding’s Show opens on Dec. 18, 2014

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Lauren Redding
Lauren Redding

Stop by and take in Lauren Redding’s new show for Art Mingle. 253 Collective will be open from noon – 8pm on Dec. 18. Visit with the artists and enjoy some holiday shopping.

Lauren Redding is an award winning international fine art and alternative process photographer originally from Skiatook Oklahoma, a small town just north of Tulsa. She attended Skiatook public schools from kindergarten through graduation in 2007. Lauren was very involved with athletics and arts while in high school, winning accolades and awards in both areas. Lauren was accepted into and attended the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain in the summer of 2007. While there, she studied under Steve Simmons and Ben Long. Under their guidance her art ascended to a new level. Lauren relocated to Florida fall of 2008 where she dabbled in modeling, promotions, and event photography. It wasn’t until she received her acceptance letter to the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010 that she really knewwhich direction she want to go with her life and art. Lauren transferred to SCAD in 2011. It had taken a while, but she found her niche. She soon realized the commercial aspect of photography was never for her. Fine art and alternative processes were where she needed to be. Under the influence of her professors Pete Christman, Craig Stevens and Zig Jackson her work varied from landscapes and still lifes mixed with alternative process techniques, such as 19th century processes of Cyanotypes and Platinum/Palladium. In 2012 she studied and lived in Lacoste, France. On a conceptual kick, she realized her true passion was landscape and nature photography. After leaving France, she traveled to Ireland for a while just traveling the countryside taking photos. In June 2013 she began a small business called Omen Artwork, creating unique and one of a kind jewelry to go along with her one of a kind photography style. In April 2014 she had her first solo show at The Butcher Gallery in Savannah Georgia that included lapidary/metalwork necklaces and her 30 x 36” Polaroid series “Old Meets New”. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design May 2014, with a BFA in photography, Lauren relocated to Tacoma, Washington where she currently lives with her significant other and their cat, Sake. In the near future, she will be continuing her series, “My Journey Across America” and “Good as Gold”.